DoD's Mission

The Department of Defense (DoD) serves as guardian for nearly 30 million acres of land used for the testing and training of military service personnel. These lands harbor more threatened, endangered, and at-risk species (TER-S) per acre than any other federal lands. DoD is committed to protecting its lands, oceans, and airspace, as well as the species that inhabit them, and has established a range of policies to ensure proper stewardship while sustaining military mission readiness.

TER-S Symposium and Workshops

To benefit both mission and conservation objectives, DoD held a national symposium on issues related to TER-S on DoD lands. A major outcome of this event was the determination that regional workshops were needed to develop research and management agendas.

By 2008, the DoD SERDP and Legacy programs intend to sponsor four regional workshops aimed at enhancing species conservation and improving the understanding of TER-S, their habitats, and relationships to military training activities.

DoD Identifies TER-S Priorities Through Regional Workshops that Seek Input from Diverse Stakeholders


Goals and Objectives

  • Increased collaboration, information exchange, and technology transfer;
  • Summary documents highlighting recommendations for future research and management actions;
  • Information to populate DoD's new web-enabled TER-S Document Repository, a database that compiles gray literature relevant to TER-S research on military lands.


Myriad stakeholders involved with and interested in research and development and management issues related to threatened, endangered, and at-risk species on military lands. For the national symposium, this involved representatives from various agencies and organizations from around the country. For each of the follow on workshops, attendees will be predominantly regional.



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